tangerine star pendent

Paul Allinson is the Designer/ Maker behind the brand of Nosallis Designs created in 2004, based in the town of Hartlepool in the north-east of England.

He specializes in handcrafting his own limited editions and one of a kind jewellery designs. Paul does not use any CAD or 3d printers in the designing or making of his jewellery, everything is created by hand.

He works in all precious metals from Silver through all the Golds both 9ct & 18ct and onto Palladium and finally Platinum. He uses many different types of semi-precious & precious stones in his jewellery designs these include some of his personal favourites, Amethyst, Swiss Blue Topaz, Citrine, Tsavorite Garnet, Dark blue Sapphires and of course Diamonds.

Paul also specializes in a personal bespoke custom made jewellery service for individual clients. He has created many different designs for clients over the years these include Engagement & Wedding rings, pendants, earrings & ear cuffs, statement rings, belt buckles, walking canes, cufflinks, bracelets, decorative cabinet handles, the list goes on.

Designs can be made in any of the precious metals and all semi-precious and precious stones including certified Diamonds can be supplied upon request. Please see commissions page for more details.

Paul is an exceptional designer and producer. I searched for over two years to find a person to produce a particular piece of jewellery as a gift for my wife. It was important to me, not only to find someone who was capable of producing the piece but who was also the kind of person who I wanted to be involved in such a personal gift. Paul’s professionalism and talent is beyond compare. He has not simply produced a piece of jewellery, but has crafted an item which will be passed down, from my wife, to my daughter and so on. A genuine family heirloom in the making, occasionally a tradesman becomes so skilled that he deserves to be called a true craftsman. VERY rarely a craftsman has the ability and talent to be referred to as an artist. To me Paul is an artist, outstanding in his field and genuinely deserving to be labelled “the best of”. Above all he is a sincere, modest, and perceptive individual. Who I have been very happy to involve in the creation of an intimate gift for the person I love most in the world. I would not consider using anyone else but Paul in the future.
Sean G